Tuesday, June 28, 2011


IN ORDER TO FEEL ACCEPTED AND supported by our environment, self-respect and the respect of others is essential. But many of us have not required others to treat us with respect and we often disrespect ourselves. To change this pattern, we need to cultivate a pinball-machine mentality and, when treated rudely or when overly jostled by demanding people including ourselves, go tilt and refuse to cooperate.

The first and foremost important step we can take toward a life characterized by respectfulness is to tilt at any disrespect we show ourselves. The habit of self-disrespect is not an easy one to break, but we can do it. Gently and without recrimination, we need to observe our self-talk for signs of devaluing and blaming; then we can return to a supportive, no-fault attitude toward ourselves by creating self-talk that underscores and bolsters our self-respect. For instance, when we hear our inner voice saying something disrespectful such as “I can’t do anything right,” we need to stop and say, “Whoops, that’s not true!” and alter the statement to a considerate one.

The same principle is true when we begin insisting on respect from others as well. If at work you are given responsibility without power or are expected to jump at the first scream from overly demanding and spoiled children or adults at home, ask yourself if you feel respected. If the answer is no, tilt! Since it’s true that we teach people how to treat us, refusing to be treated shabbily is essential in earning the respect of others.

Although at first the people around us may be surprised by and resistant to our new call for respect, generally, we’ll ultimately receive the treatment we persist in requesting.

I deserve to be respected.
I respect myself.
I expect and insist that others treat me with respect.

*Women’s book of Confidence by Sue Patton Thoele

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Oil For Your Lamp Movie

Oil For Your Lamp Movie: "Mother Teresa said, "To keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it." Most women are so busy filling the lamps of the people they love that they let their own lamps run low. Here is a little movie to remind all women to fill their lamp..."

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Think what a remarkable, unduplicatable, and miraculous thing it is to be you! Of all the people who have come and gone on the earth, since the beginning of time, not ONE of them is like YOU!

No one who has ever lived or is to come has had your combination of abilities, talents, friends, acquaintances, burdens, sorrows and opportunities.

No, one's hair grows exactly the way yours does. No one's finger prints are like yours. No one has the same combination of secret inside jokes and family expressions that you know.

The few people who laugh at all the same things you do, don't sneeze the way you do. No one prays about exactly the same concerns as you do. No one is loved by the same combination of people that love you - NO ONE!

No one before, no one to come. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY UNIQUE! Enjoy that uniqueness. You do not have to pretend in order to seem more like someone else. You weren't meant to be like someone else. You do not have to lie to conceal the of you that are not like what you see in anyone else.

You were meant to be different. Nowhere ever in all of history will the same things be going in anyone's mind, soul and spirit as are going on in yours right now.

If you did not exist, there would be a hole in creation, a gap in history, something missing from the plan for humankind.

Treasure your uniqueness. It is a gift given only to you. Enjoy it and share it!

No one can reach out to others in the same way that you can. No one can speak your words. No one can convey your meanings. No one can comfort with your kind of comfort. No one can bring your kind of understanding to another person.

No one can be cheerful and lighthearted and joyous in your way. No one can smile your smile. No one else can bring the whole unique impact of you to another human being.

Share your uniqueness. Let it be free to flow out among your family and friends and people you meet in the rush and clutter of living wherever you are. That gift of yourself was given you to enjoy and share. Give yourself away!

See it! Receive it! Let it tickle you! Let it inform you and nudge you and inspire you!


Thursday, June 2, 2011


"Cause I am a Superwoman
Yes I am
Yes she is
Even when I'm a mess
I still put on a vest
With an S on my chest
Oh yes
I'm a Superwoman"