Thursday, December 12, 2013

Secret Santa Challenge

“Christmas time has come
and it’s time for some fun.
I leave a gift and run,
Secret Santa has begun.”

The Christmas Season is upon us and many of us are rushing around, shopping, baking, wrapping presents and more. I know that for me, one way to put a smile in my heart is to help someone less fortunate. Many years ago I started the tradition of “Secret Santa”. Each year I would pick a family going through financial difficulties or someone alone and make it my goal to ensure that their Christmas was a little bit brighter. The gift I received in return far encompassed the gifts that I gave. Being someone who has been in financial hardships myself I found that it’s not always a gift you purchase. It can be something as simple as a card or a visit to someone who is lonely.  We all have something to give.

Last year I was going through some financial hardships. It was also my granddaughter’s first Christmas. I didn’t have a Christmas Tree and I was worried about buying groceries for Christmas dinner. After giving each and every year I was feeling very sad not to be able to help anyone that year. Then I saw one of my friends on Facebook was asking for donations for a young boy that most likely wasn’t getting much for Christmas. My heart told me to give what I could. The only extra money I had at the time was $2.00. I put that money in an envelope and gave it to the person asking for donations. They thanked me like I had given them $1,000.00. It felt good to be giving something.  What happened next totally blew me away. The next day I went to the Post Office to pick up my mail. There was a Christmas Card from someone I barely knew. I opened it up and Inside there was a message, “Sometimes bad times fall upon good people, God loves you and so do we.”  They had enclosed a gift certificate for $250 to our local grocery/clothing store. I was totally shocked. I was on the receiving end and was humbled beyond words. I could buy all the items for a wonderful Christmas Dinner for my daughter and her family and a few presents too! A few days later some friends showed up at my door with the most beautiful Christmas Tree I had ever seen! I had a tree! I had never been so blessed as I was that Christmas. I then understood even more how priceless the “Secret Santa” tradition was to others.

Warriors, I am asking you to please stop what you are doing in this busy season and think of something good you can do for someone else. I would love it if you would post the stories on our Facebook wall so we can all share. Remember, even $2.00 can make a difference.

Wishing you the most wonderful Christmas of all with the Spirit of Giving!

Peace & Love,
Heidi St. Jean