Sunday, November 13, 2016

Lighthouses vs. Tugboats

Lighthouses and Tugboats serve a similar purpose, they both guide boats to safety. But they do it in entirely different ways.

Tugboats go out into the ocean and they tug huge ships back to the port. They push and pull and they give their all to bring the boat back to safety. They work so hard to get the boat and themselves back to the port that they in turn wear themselves down.

Lighthouses shine their light to guide boats to safety. They are rooted and tall, they weather the storms, and the guide the boats to port. They are always a beacon, but whether or not the boat chooses to use the light as a guide, is up to the boat. It doesn't effect the lighthouse either way, it continues to shine it's light, it does not wear down in it's effort.

Stand strong like a "Lighthouse".

Namaste' My Warriors